Who said your thermostat couldn’t be sexy?

Posted: March 18, 2013 in Home Devices
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Nest Thermostat

This is the cool Nest home thermostat designed by the ex Apple designer Tony Fadell who worked heavily on the iPod at its inception.

The clever thermostat remembers each time you turn the temperature up or down and builds a detailed schedule around your temperature preferences. You can set timers like most other thermostats but where this unit excels is that it can be controlled via a mobile app on your phone, allowing you to turn the heating off while away or turning it up ready for when you get home. The unit also boasts an Auto-Away feature which turns to an energy efficient temperature while you are out and promises to save you around 15-20% a year on your energy bills.

Not only does Nest look ultra cool in the home, but it fits like most old thermostats (apparently in under 30mins) and can produce a energy report to show how you use energy in your house.

Nest have finally revealed that it will be available in the UK in 2013, but don’t expect it to be cheap as it retails for $249 in the US, although the company believe that it will pay for itself with the reduction in your energy bills.

Turning the temperature up or down never looked so good.

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