Elroy – Your Bluetooth Docking Companion

Posted: March 19, 2013 in Accessories, Smart Phones
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Over at Kickstarter the Elroy Project started yesterday and after 8 hours it is already fully funded and going ahead.

The cool looking unit not only offers Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity to multiple phones but also offers corded earphones which have a shorter cord to reduce tangling.

The unit clips to your clothing and includes magnetic docking points which give a secure location to hold the earphones when they are not in your ear. The docking points are also electronically activated to allow you to answer incoming calls just by removing the earphones and then replacing them terminates the call.  If you’re listening to music, placing the earphones on the docks will pause your music automatically.

The company is now looking at stretch goals and have hinted towards implementing Bluetooth 4.0 and custom designed earphones into the project. Those of you already with a set of ear/headphone will like the fact you may use your own with this. Alternatively you may use this just as a Bluetooth remote for your music which can also be quite handy.

The full package starts at $89 with $10 shipping outside of the US and has an estimated delivery of August 2013.


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