Jawbone strengthens “UP” and adds Android support

Posted: March 20, 2013 in Accessories, Smart Phones
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The Jawbone UP is a wristband with connectable app for your phone which tracks how much you sleep, move and eat.

The UP can track how many hours you sleep, how many steps you take and tracks how you feel while eating certain foods during the day. As we all become more aware of sleep patterns, this wristband promises to learn when you are in light or deep sleep and wakes you closest to your alarm when you will feel most refreshed. The UP was released a couple of years ago solely on IOS, but due to weaknesses in the design the majority of them had to be recalled and have been redesigned to strengthen the band.

Jawbone announced today that they have released a free to download app for Android on Google Play to use with the wristband to increase the supported platforms, but have no plans to offer support for Blackberry or the Windows Phone. The move for Jawbone will see the band now being able to be used across all current Android devices.

Once again we see another company competing for the real estate of your wrist. Maybe we will see Samsung and Apple working this tech into the widely rumoured smart watches this year.

The Jawbone UP is available at £99.99 in a number of colours and sizes.

Jawbone UP

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