Oculus Rift – Bridging the gap between gaming and reality

Posted: March 21, 2013 in Accessories, Gaming
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Oculus have been quietly working on this Virtual Reality Headset concept since they launched the Kickstarter project back in August. The project wanted $250,000 to begin shipping developer kits out faster than they normally would be able to, but instead managed to raise just over $2.4m as excitement for this went viral.

Oculus Rift is a new virtual reality headset designed specifically for video games. With an incredibly wide field of view, high-resolution display, and ultra-low latency head tracking, the Rift provides an  immersive experience that allows you to get right inside the game like never before in the home. Full 360˚ vision allows the gamer to physically turn their head to be able to view things around them and in first person shooters, actually aim where they are looking.

Although the Rift is still in its development stages, it is a massive leap in progress for gaming, in a market where little has changed but speeds and movement tracking. The company have quite a few tweaks to make and are eager to work with developers to take the platform further. Unfortunately at the moment the only launch title is Team Fortress 2 as Doom 3 was removed from the developer kit, but expect many more to work with these guys as the platforms scope widens and the likes of Valve and EA work with them.

The Rift has made waves in the gaming world as one of the most innovative VR technologies to be developed in recent years. Named Best in Show
at CES 2013 by The Verge, the Oculus Rift takes gaming to an entirely new level and we can’t wait to see what comes of this awesome project.

Oculus Rift

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