Withings WIFI Smart Body Analyser

Posted: March 21, 2013 in Accessories, Home Devices
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The updated Withings scale brings beautiful apple-esque tech to your bathroom.

For those of you who thought you were safe from tech in one room in the house, you are about to be disappointed. This bathroom scales boasts WIFI and its own iOS app and can even annoy you by posting your weight on Twitter.

The first model this company released required you to connect the scales up to your PC via USB to set up, but the WS-30 has done away with this allowing setup direct from your iPhone via a Bluetooth connection.  The WS-30 measures your standing heart rate, BMI and air quality and will even advise you to open a window if the presence of CO2 is too great.

This sleek piece of tech records your weight every time you step on it and even recognises who in the family has climbed aboard. The scales can accommodate up to 8 users, tracking and storing data and uploading to a secure website or to your iPhone. The WS-30 will also happily push your data over to a number of online coaching programs like RunKeeper or Endomondo, allowing you to set goals and weekly targets and has the option to post your weight onto the social networks (this can be turned off).

The WIFI scale comes in a choice of white or black and can be found online at £99.99.


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