Smart Herb Garden: Certainly a concept that grows on you.

Posted: March 28, 2013 in General, Kickstarter
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Smart planting pots for inside the house are becoming a normal sight as we live in an ever increasing population where space is becoming harder to find.

Over at Kickstarter, Click & Grow have brought the Smart Herb Garden to the table which has been developed from NASA technology. The system started its life a few years ago, when its first round of funding was successful, but the latest addition is upgraded with an LED lamp which the guys have really thought about.

The Smart Herb Garden has the addition of an extendable LED light which they have worked with external suppliers to source a light which looks natural and isn’t harmful for kids. Where the tech really excels is the use or nano-technology (as mentioned by our sister blog The Money Spy this week) in material used for the soil. It is engineered to supply the roots with the right amount of oxygen, water and nutrients at all time.

The main difference The Tech Spy can see with this solution is firstly its price point, starting at $39 seriously undercuts the competition, but as this item is designed to be used by people who have not got the space for a garden, it is great for the company to keep the size of this down to fit in most kitchens.

The Smart herb Garden will ship with three cartridges, basil, thyme and lemon balm, but will supply the likes of mini tomato, chilli, sage, coriander and rocket at a later date in easy to install catridges. The team are working on pro versions of the cartridges which allow you to use your own seeds and say that strawberry cartridges are also being worked on.

Estimating shipping is in September 2013 and delivery to outside of the US is $15. Check it out!!!

Smart Herb Garden


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