Panasonic GF6 – New entry level camera from Panny

Posted: April 10, 2013 in Camera, Smart Phones
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Panasonic’s update to the GF5 comes with some cool upgrades to an already well rounded point and shoot.

The GF6 marks the first jump in the Panasonic’s range of MFTs which have moved to interchangeable lenses. This compact little beauty has an improved 16-megapixel sensor and a new processing engine which will reduce the amount of noise in low light conditions.

The best improvements in our opinion is the addition of Wi-Fi and NFC allowing you to use your smartphone as a remote shutter for the self-pic taking of you out there and the fact you can download photos directly from the camera without a cable. The other superb addition is the 3-inch, tilt-angle LCD touch screen which does make the camera a tad chunkier but makes taking photos much easier in all situations.

The GF6 will shoot 1080i video at 60fps in AVCHD or 1080p at 30fps in MP4 which continues from the older model. Another design change comes in the form of a mode dial which is normally seen in the more expensive DSLR’s which most people will prefer to solely being controlled through the touch screen.

With some notable upgrades but a cheaper price point, this camera is a worthy choice for budding photographers just starting out, who want to play around with interchangeable lenses. Starting at £499.99 on Pre-Order.



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