Logitech Harmony Ultimate: Ultimate control for your living room

Posted: April 16, 2013 in Accessories, Android, Apple, Apple Apps, Connectivity, Home Devices, iOS, Logitech, Smart Phones
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Logitech have announced a couple of universal remotes to their armoury to bring them in line with current technology.

The remote control specialists have firstly brought out the Harmony Ultimate, an all-in-one, rechargeable RF controller with a touchscreen display and backlit physical keys to play with. The Ultimate can control pretty much all IR devices (15 devices at once) which are not only visible but behind cupboard doors and can also control Bluetooth-enabled devices such as the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii.

The Ultimate can also interact with the Philips Hue system to control lighting, so setting macros to dim lighting when choosing to watch a DVD will be simple with the easy to use bundled software. Along with this, Logitech have now created the Harmony Smartphone app which allows you to use both iPhone and Android devices to control items in your set up, with easy to master touch gestures to use.

Those of you who prefer to just use your smartphone to control your A/V kit, can now do so with the Harmony Smart Control. Again using the Logitech Smart App, it controls all devices with the included Hub and even comes with a spare physical remote for the days that your phone does not want to play ball.

The Harmony Ultimate will be released in the UK in May for £230, with the Harmony Smart Control expected at £109 shortly after. These may seem expensive, but they are truly easy to set up and look good in any living room. The one thing (from personal experience) is that Logitech’s support for these remotes is second to none, and they literally will not rest until this is working properly in your home. The app will be available for download from the App Store or Google Play for free.

Smart ControlUltimate


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