ZenDock: Putting your desk back in order

Posted: April 27, 2013 in Accessories, Apple, Connectivity, Mac Book
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In a conference with Goldman Sachs this week, Tim Cook, Apples CEO said “The only thing we’ll never do is make a crappy product…. That’s the only religion that we have. We must do something great, something bold, something ambitious.” and it is this ethos that makes them great.

When you see Apple’s products, you want to touch them, and better still, own them. Although Apple’s products are far from unique, once you have it, you feel special, almost like you are in a club and we all love showing them off in our homes. So why then do we connect them to such dull cables, USB keys and storage devices?

The new Kickstarter project ZenDock promises to push the design even further, creating a dock to connect all cables to your MacBook, but keeping with the brushed aluminium theme. The dock is CNC milled from a solid block of T6061 aluminium and is bead blasted and anodised to capture Apple’s true style.

The ZenDocks aim is to create a clean working space, removing those annoying cables from all over your desk. It easily connects one block to the side of your MacBook and all cables you would like to attach to the Mac are connected to the other end of the dock which can be concealed (or even wall mounted) out of sight. It is even created as a non-blocking device, so that other ports can be accessed easily while it is attached.

Both versions give you three USB 3.0 ports, mic & speaker connections and a mini display outlet. The Pro version allows for the connection of ethernet and firewire while the Retina version has a Thunderbolt pass-through.

The ZenDock has just under 2 weeks to go and is already fully funded, so you are pretty much guaranteed to get a product. Starting now at $179 with $19 shipping to the UK, the company is aiming for a October 2013 delivery.

This is a wonderful addition for any true Apple fanboys out there who own a MacBook and want to organise their desk Apple-style.



  1. Ali Quigley says:

    Thanks for the coverage!
    – Ali of The Zenboxx Team

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