Philips DesignLine TV – A work of art for your home

Posted: April 29, 2013 in Apple Apps, Connectivity, Gaming, General, iPad, iPhone, Television
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TP Vision, the collaboration of two prominent players in the TV industry has finally given birth to what we think could be a work of art for the home. Already this line of TV’s has won the Red Dot design award for excellent product design.

Philips and TPV have combined assets and skills to bring out the beautiful DesignLine Edge TV made from a single sheet of glass which has a gradient tint to blend the TV in with the glass itself. Turn it on and the picture appears to float in mid-air, surrounded by the glorious glow from the awesome AmbiLight LEDs at the back lighting the wall behind.

It’s available in 46 & 55 inches and features the impressive Philips Perfect Pixel engine, along with Active 3D support. One of the more notable things is the inclusion of 2-player full-screen gaming and the ability to convert 2D to 3D which will be interesting to see how good this really is.

In the box, the set will include a brushed aluminium remote which doubles as a keyboard with integrated mouse pointer to access the Smart TV features like a web browser. The Design Line will also support the MyRemote app, which lets you control the TV itself, share multimedia content from your iPad/smartphone and watch live TV in another room.

Inside its sleek frame, the unit boasts WiFi Miracast so that you can share content from iPhones, iPads and other Android devices straight to the TV over your WiFi network. Also featuring MultiRoom technology, the unit lets you stream what’s being shown on the TV to any compatible TV anywhere in the house and will allow USB hard disk recording.

All this design and spec comes at a price, releasing in June in the UK, the 46” will be £2000 and the 55” will be £2800. Let’s hope this is the future for our living room.

DesignLine TV


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