Bluelounge Minidock – The bedside charger that loves to travel

Posted: May 5, 2013 in Accessories, Home Devices, iPhone, Smart Phones
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Minidock bedside

Bluelounge, is the award-winning international design studio known for its sleek products created to provide honest solutions with a forward design aesthetic. The studio enjoys drawing from their interests in art, architecture, travel and fashion, to create a synergy of product, graphic and interactive design.

As you browse through the Bluelounge website you see the thought that has gone into every product they make. Some, are simply design overhauls but others are totally unique. These are the boys that brought us The Sanctuary charging box and Milo stands which both offer a cool accessory for your gadgets or smartphones.

The Minidock follows the same path, bringing both style and functionality to the game. The nifty device allows you to charge your iPhone or iPod with your existing Apple USB Power Adapter. Your chosen device sits upright in the Dock while it charges directly from the wall socket, allowing you to free up counter or tabletop space. The Minidock is easily transportable, fits in pretty much any bag and looks good in any scenario.

Although this is a great product, we can see some potential problems. Number 1, the dock has to be bought in a UK, US or EU version, so if you are travelling you will have to throw on a travel adaptor which will defy the whole point of the product. Number 2, not all houses have tabletop wall sockets, most of us UK folk have them near the floor. And last but not least….iPhone covers, these are not all supported, so you may have to remove it before charging.

I still think it’s a superb product, designed well and functions even better, but you will have to tick a few boxes before going ahead and buying it. It’s available from Amazon at the newly reduced price of £11.99.



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