Fitbit: Keeping you fit for a bit with some flex

Posted: May 9, 2013 in Accessories, Android, Apple, Apple Apps, Connectivity, iOS, iPad, iPhone, Samsung, Smart Phones
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Fitbit, the San Francisco based company who aim to make all of our lives more healthy, have today launched the Fitbit Flex wristband for pre-sale in the UK after a US launch on Monday.

The company say “We take a common sense approach to fitness, and believe that the key is to make it easier for consumers to be more active, eat smarter, and get enough sleep — in short, that small changes to your daily routine can add up to big results. To that end, we aim to create innovative, inspiring products and online services that harness the power of new technologies to make people more aware of their everyday activities and motivate them to do more.”

Going in direct competition with the likes of Nike’s Fuelband or the Jawbone UP (covered back in March), the company has come in and undercut both of these offerings.

The wristband will sync with iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth 4.0 and is meant to be worn day and night with a 5-7 day rechargeable battery life. The Flex can track the amount of steps taken, calories burned, distance traveled and the amount of hours slept and then update this data to your smartphone or computer.

As expected, the wristband is water-resistant and neatly has a silent wake alarm to bring you back to life at the best time in your sleep pattern. The little LED’s on the device show how well you are doing on any set goals you have applied to yourself via the software to keep motivating you during your day.

It’s pretty much like the others in its field, but at a lower price point. The only issue we see at the moment is that the wristband is only compatible with some new select Android devices in the form of the Samsung Galaxy S 3 and Note 2(iOS 4S upwards), but the company have said that they will be updating this very soon after launch.

Pre-order for £79.99 delivering in spring 2013.

fitbit flex




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