News: BBM going to iOS and Android…Are Blackberry mad!

Posted: May 15, 2013 in Android, Apple Apps, Blackberry, iOS, iPhone, Smart Phones
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Today Blackberry announced what a lot of people have wanted for a long time….BBM messaging will be available to iOS and Android for free (if the two other firms allow it).

Are Blackberry mad?? Here at The Tech Spy we think this may just be the nail in the coffin for a firm that has struggled against the might of Apple and Android products.

They are opening up the original BBM service for free, so that Blackberry users can directly communicate with friends on iPhones and Android devices, ensuring that Blackberry owners do not need to change over to the more popular devices due to peer pressure. With the likes of Whatsapp around, this has already been done perfectly and we cannot see why they would be doing this.

If anything, this will only serve for people to switch to iOS and Android as now they have no issues with leaving Blackberry as BBM is no longer holding them back. Most people we speak to only have a Blackberry for two reasons….number one….QWERTY keyboard…number 2….BBM!

Blackberry in the same conference introduced the new Q5 to the world which is a low-cost phone with the famous QWERTY keyboard aimed at the younger age group which is seen as the firms last attempt at survival.

Blackberry, we salute you for your service to the mobile industry, but we think you have just handed in your resignation.

Blackberry dead




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