Give your smartphone a “Limeade Blast” of juice!

Posted: May 19, 2013 in Accessories, Android, Apple, Connectivity, iPad, iPhone, Kickstarter
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We have all been there, smart phone running out of power while out and about, frantically trying to conserve power by turning off WiFi, 3g and dimming the screen (iPhone users), but worry not, help is at hand!

Over at Kickstarter, a project by a company called Limeade has been doing very well and is already well over pledged which pretty much guarantees this going ahead. The product is an Ultra-high capacity portable battery which comes in three models (13,000,15,600 & 18,000mAh). All have dual USB ports to simultaneously charge two devices, indicator LED’s to show the level of charge left, auto on and auto off which will preserve the charge of the battery and an added lovely flashlight.

This is not the first portable external battery on the market, as recently Kickstarter has seen a number of products do very well in this sector. The most recent was from a husband and wife team who brought the Expedition to market which is very close to delivery. The unique thing about the Limeade Blast is firstly the fact it comes in an 18,000mAh model, which is a serious sized retail battery. Along with that, it has 2 x 2A outputs which will charge most devices very quickly including a tablet and smart phone at the same time using your own USB cables or the 2in1 cable supplied.

The company claim that the 18,000mAh model will fully power up an iPhone 5 twelve times before needing a recharge and the battery pack will last up to a year retaining charge. It can be charged via any USB cable and this particular model weighs in at a light 13 ounces which won’t weigh any bag down.

The company have promised to start delivering this product in June 2013 with a starting price of $49 for the 13,000mAh model. The top 18,000mAh model which takes over 11 hours to fully charge comes at a price of $89 on an early bird deal with a hefty $25 shipping charge to the UK.








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