Smart Luggage? Yes, you read correctly!

Posted: June 7, 2013 in Accessories, Apple, Apple Apps, Connectivity, iOS, Smart Phones
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Airbus, not content with spending all their time on fixing A380 issues has come up with a superb idea….Smart Luggage!

Now, like me you are probably thinking….WTF!? But I am sure the majority of people reading these blogs (Hello to both of you) have been in the situation where you are waiting for your luggage at the airport, watching the conveyor belt go round and round as more people leave happily with their cases…your heart begins to sink, your smile drains from your face….”Why does this always happen to me” we all mutter to ourselves, well this all could be a thing of the past.

According to the Australian Business Traveler, Airbus have released a prototype of its iPhone enabled smart luggage. The prototype, called Bag2Go uses a GPS tracker, RFID chip and a 2G connection to record where the bag is in the world with a “Find my bag” app. The case would work with an iPhone app which records the data and will show you where the case currently is, also apparently alerting the owner when it has been opened.

The RFID chip will be utilised so that the bag can be tracked by the airport itself, matching the flyer and the case on their journeys. The airline has teamed up with T-Mobile and Rimowa to develop this project, but doesn’t intend to sell the bags, but is releasing the license for others to buy it or rent out the service.

Airbus are looking for this to be involved in a “rent a bag” scheme where the case is delivered to your door, you fill it, they scan it and take it away and it arrives ready for you at your destination, giving you hassle-free traveling.

TheTechSpy gives a big thumbs up to the integrated scales in the handle which wirelessly links to the iPhone to simply weigh the case without the need for a separate accessory. We would have loved to have seen Bluetooth involved in conjunction with the iPhone to display a notification when your case has strayed from your side for extra security, but maybe we will leave this for version 2.0.

Let’s just hope the case doesn’t have battery issues like its Boeing competitor.







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