Mac Pro 2013: Seriously….”Awesome” doesn’t even begin to cover it!

Posted: June 11, 2013 in General

So, last night Apple had its much anticipated WWDC which in the firm’s usual style, did not disappoint.

The event went through some great changes in iOS giving us an in depth look into iOS7 and introducing a new OS X called Maverick which updates its Mountain Lion OS nicely to compliment the release of some lovely little Macbook Airs powered by Haswell processors.

But one of the most exciting things shown last night was just a little sneek peek into the 2013 Mac Pro range. This not only is a serious move forward in terms of hardware, but a design so unique that people years to come will be in love and the likes of Taiwanese & Chinese companies will be forced to copy.

With the company taking this stance, no wonder the design has changed so much;

Apple “Sometimes to take a major step forward, you have to completely change direction”

Phil Schiller “Can’t innovative anymore my ass”


As you can see, this design is like no other, the top rim meant as a handle for easy manoeuvering to reveal the automatically white lit connections behind when the unit is moved.

Under the sleek body in a triangular formation we have dual FirePro graphics cards with up to 6GB of VRAM which will allow you to edit full resolution 4K video. The GPU’s will also allow you to connect up to 3 Hi-res 4K displays.

The new Pro has to be powered by some serious processors…New generation Intel Xeon E5 to be exact, offering up to 12 cores of processing might. In terms of memory the Pro includes a 4 channel DDR3 memory controller running at 1866MHz which delivers up to about 60GB/S of bandwidth!

As you can imagine, this kind of technology needs cooling, so an aluminium extrusion has been built through the middle to maximise airflow by conducting heat away from the CPU and GPU out of the top. On the back of the unit an array of luscious connections can be found in the form of 4 x USB3, 6 x Thunderbolt 2, 2 x Gigabit Ethernet and a HDMI 1.4 port which all set a whole new high standard for expansion and connection.

Along with Apple announcing them conforming to a new standard of WiFi (802.11ac) they have also included Bluetooth 4 as standard to connect all the normal peripherals.

All this and it comes in at under 9.9″ in height and 6.6″ in diameter, the picture below shows you how shocking this new size is next to the old Mac Pro.

This device could simply sit on your desk, who wouldn’t want it too, looking like something from the future sent from the Gods. I think Apple have just set a new standard, something that so many people thought would leave with Steve Jobs out of the picture but is clearly visible today as no company of this size is about just one man.

Mac Pro: Due later this year with no confirmed pricing, this is a glance into the future, now let’s enjoy the rest catching up.




  1. Patrick Littlehales says:

    mmmmm I wonder about this. As the the power of regular PCs is equal to most users requirements this new PC looks like an over-powered and presumably overpriced niche product. Nothing wrong with that but not very ‘Apple’ who’s forte is overpriced mass market products.

  2. The Tech Spy says:

    On the contrary Patrick, Apple have always had the Mac Pro as a seriously powerful machine, aimed at video editors, sound engineers, producers etc etc. They have to be overly powerful to control multiple tracks in songs and hours of HD video footage nowadays. I used Final Cut on a pretty powerful MacBook Pro and rendering just demanded more!

    These are aimed at professionals and professionals know what they are buying here, some of these machines once spec’d up reach £3-5k. Nice eh?

    But I agree, these machines are not aimed at the retail public….although I’d have one any day!

  3. Sid says:

    Patrick, first of all, its not a PC! So just eat your rubbish, from the garbage can.

    Looks like you are a fresher in the Apple University, still yapping about how cool your 10 Year old g-shock watch’s stop watch feature is.

    If you want a “will do for office” machine, go to the electronic trash market in the junk yard of your town and get it for free.

    Do you have any idea what “rendering” an HD video could take on your “PC”? about 48 hours non-stop for example. That will be done, in this machine in an hour at most. Let alone way higher variety of options and possibilities when you put to work its massive TeraFLOP level GPUs.

    Now lets say you have a Terabyte of Audio and Videos on this machine that needs to be put on a Thunderbolt 2 compatible storage array / device. On a USB 2.0 it would take about 7 hrs at top speed performance of large files. That, Patrick, would take just under 10 minutes (yes TEN Minutes) on this machine’s Thunderbolt 2.

    Having three 4K Video outputs, while working on full length movie editing at 4K (Ultra HD) levels is un heard of.

    What the fastest PC can muster is 64bit compute length per FLOP. Here they have 256bits per FLOP. So simply put, it is able to compute 4 times faster than the fastest 64 bit computer out there by fundamental design. Multiply that with 12 cores, 40 GB/s of PCIe Bandwidth and 60GB/s of RAM bandwidth… ! Bring together with that hardware the fundamentally superior code strength of the MAC OS against the Hung PC OSes out there, and you have what no other PC or I’d say Super Computer in a small lab, could not achieve, with PC hardware!

    What you have here in one 10 Inch tall and 6.5 inch wide machine, can do more than a ten-thousand of your “PC” office – trash machines could muster and still probably fail with sub standard results.

    So Patrick, you need to re-apply next year to the Apple University of High Tech and Design, with better baseline scores and a changed attitude.

    For now, enjoy your excel sheets on the office pc, like you did 10 years ago!



    (Offence Intended due to your rude comments)

    • Patrick Littlehales says:

      I note your comparison with USB-2 … you need to keep up dude… it’s USB-3 now and so much faster. Of course I do actually understand that an Apple dual processor machine is going to be a very desirable and fast bit of kit. My point remains though that a fast PC will still do renderings etc while I go to bed and I could buy 3 or 4 of them for the price of this APPLE so I could have a couple just for crunching duties… not that i would … I’d be out in the world with an extra £4,000 in my pocket.

      • Sid says:

        Hi Partick,

        If the US Government said it doesn’t want to invest money on a Fighter jet, instead they rather buy 100 hummers for that money, would you agree?

        So while your need is of an Office Computer that can do business accounting and internet, you would obviously look at the Mac Pro being discussed here, as an unwanted extremely expensive fancy machine! However, the ramifications of using an ordinary PC in High Definition AV editing, rendering and design that it would put the user in a position where he is unable to do any serious work in the timeframe suitable for his clients / deadlines.

        Just like, even though a hummer would brave all odds and reach a 500 mile destination in 10 hours, it would be a futile effort because the enemy would have left that location or possibly bombed thousands of civilians in that interval. Whereas a supersonic fighter jet would reach that location in lets say 30 – 45 minutes making the whole effort and its results, worth it.

        If the movie Avatar was rendered on a bunch of PCs it would be launched only in 2020 and that too possibly with lesser quality. However by then, using other cutting edge tech., the rest of the world would have gone so far that a 3D movie like Avatar would be way too late to get any critical acclaim at all.

        The USB 2 which I mentioned in my comments was only for comparison sake on a pretext that not all accounting PC users at an office would know USB 3.0 yet. No offence intended here.

        Hope its clear with the above comparisons and analogies that it may not be right to compare the Mac Pro being discussed here with a regular office / business workhorse. That machine might cut it for you but may not for that designer who needs all the power and options that a Mac Pro (that about to be launched) has to offer, to finish his work and still have time for a weekend dinner date, in spite of the Monday deadline. 🙂



    • Patrick Littlehales says:

      Oh – and no offence taken from your knowledgeable reply … except for the bit about Casio watches. What watch do you have then?

      • Sid says:

        Thanks. I did have a Casio back in the 90s while I was in high school. Not anymore. 🙂 How about you?

      • Patrick Littlehales says:

        … I used to have a Breitling Aerospace but when I realised that John Harrisons longitude clock H4 could keep better time even at sea I ditched it immediately. My Casio (£130) is radio linked to the atomic clock in Germany and doesn’t even have a knob to adjust the time. Being solar it doesn’t need winding or batteries etc…. a case of matching required performance to a suitable spec.

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