The Smart Home….a dream of most Techies out there, but reserved for those with deep pockets.

Thankfully things are about to change. The technological revolution is paving the way for cheaper tech and more advanced protocols which are allowing us all to take advantage of this future. The general public is learning to code and more manufacturers are open sourcing devices to push for even more possibilities.

It won’t be long til your home will think intelligently, knowing things like when you are in, how you like your temperature and to turn off any unused devices when you are not around. Over the last few months we have seen some very exciting devices arrive on the scene like, Smartthings, Nest and Ube who are being funded through crowd sourcing routes and have picked up a great following.

One of the new kids on the block is Goji, the smart door lock which fits over your existing lock, allowing you to fit it to pretty much any door lock out there. If you are unsure if it will fit on your door, the company are happy to have a look at a photo of your lock to confirm.

The sleek futuristic looking disc surrounded in brushed metal has a blue-text LED display that will show the status of the lock and welcomes users in by name.

The lock has a built-in camera that takes a quick photo of any users and sends this to your photo to alert you when people are home. One of the most interesting features is the ability to be able to send someone else an electronic key to gain access to your house, allowing family in before you get home if you are running late. Imagine the possibilities of letting the cleaner in, or even guests to your rental property when you are not present.

The big worry for us is the security side and of course if this goes wrong and you are left stranded outside your own house. Well, Goji will supply electronic fobs and the a good old-fashioned key for when the worst happens, but the lock is programmed to message you when the unit is running out of battery prompting you to change it.

If you lose your phone, you can easily call the support line 24/7 to retract access from that user to ensure that the system is not abused.

The Goji Smart Lock will allow you to lock your house from anywhere in the world and knows if you are inside your house or if you are coming from the street. If you are coming from the street, Goji will open the door automatically, and if you are inside of your house, Goji will not unlock your door as you approach it before you know who is at the other side.

This is a welcome accessory to the smart home set up and will solve a lot of issues as we have all suffered from being locked out or losing our keys. If you wish to purchase one at the reduced price through Indiegogo you have a couple of days left to buy them at $235 here.



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