Coravin 1000 – The Gentleman’s Gadget

Posted: August 7, 2013 in General
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There comes a time in every gadgeteers life when they realise they are getting older. Life changes, 2 beers on a school night feels like a weekend session and waiting in line for the latest smartphone loses its appeal.

Naturally the discerning gentleman turns to ways to relax after a stressful day at work. What better way to relax than a good glass of wine while you read the latest blog on your tablet surfing the TheSpyGroup’s website.

The problem with this hobby is once the bottle is open, time is ticking away on its quality as oxygen begins to react with the wine causing it to deteriorate with every hour that passes.

Well, there is a solution…..The guys at Coravin have released the Coravin 1000 System which pours the wine from the bottle allowing no oxygen inside meaning you can enjoy one glass from a bottle and simply place it back on the rack for another day.


The device clamps on to the bottle and a needle is then inserted through the cork by simply pushing down on it. Argon (an inert gas that has been used for many years by winemakers), is introduced into the bottle via the needle, resulting in the bottle being pressurised and the wine flowing into the glass. The needle is removed and no oxygen is allowed back in as the cork naturally reseals itself allowing the wine to evolve as normal.

Now there are a lot of gadgets for this industry, but the fundamental difference here is that the bottle does not need to be opened meaning you can dip in and out of multiple bottles as many times as you like. The manufacturers tell me that after substantial blind tests, bottles that had been accessed by the Coravin device within 5 years could not be differentiated against a newly opened bottle from the same case.

This gadget could be a solution to an age-old problem, but the full kit will set you back $299 and you will have to replace Argon capsules when they are empty. At the moment they are just launching in the US but the company have confirmed that the UK will see this device on its shores at a later date and something tells me it will be very well received as the UK is the biggest wine importer in the world by value and volume.

Let’s hope it works as well as it looks, hopefully TheTechSpy will be reviewing this before its launch in the UK.


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