EverDock = Elevation dock + HighRise

Posted: September 19, 2013 in Accessories, Apple, Connectivity, Home Devices, iPad, iPhone, Kickstarter, Smart Phones
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Now that the world is excited about the new editions to the Apple family, most of us turn to accessorise our new devices. As we all know, it’s a sudden rush for firms to bring out new cases and docks to tempt us into spending our hard-earned cash to protect and show off our phones.

Over the last year or so, some really cool docks have been coming out onto the market, the last we reviewed was the HiRise from TwelveSouth which proudly sits on my bedside, but now the 5S and 5C have been announced, we see more striving to bring you the next best thing.

Bring on EverDock from the guys over at FUZ Designs. They have just gone through the pledge level to make it a successful fundraising to build a dock which looks to have evolved from the ideas of some of the best on the market.

When you look at the design, I see a nod to the clever hideaway cable trunking at the base of the unit from HiRise and then the looks and solidity of the highly successful Elevation dock which also achieved funding through Kickstarter.

What we like about this dock is the aluminium design, again from a single block of aluminium blasted to give it a premium look and feel. You can opt for the single or dual dock and both work with Lightning, 30-pin and micro-USB cables, which includes the iPhone 5S,5C,5,4, iPad, iPad mini, Samsung and HTC.


One of the most interesting parts of this dock is not only the weight which helps when removing your device with one hand, but also the inclusion of the micro suction pads which are awesome at keeping the product stuck to the surface it sits on.

All in all, this is one of the best docks we have seen. Be aware that they have a delivery date in December which can be delayed and they are charging a $20 shipping fee for international buyers which is probably due to its sheer weight. But we would still buy this, it looks good, functions well and stays in-line with the look of the product you wish to dock.

Available over at Kickstarter from as little as $39

Dual Dock_large




  1. Hunter Green says:

    I have both the ElevationDock and the EverDock Duo. I really, really wanted to like my ElevationDock, but it simply isn’t “frictionless” with Apple’s 8-pin lightning connector. I even modified the connector by filing down the edges, which can be seen done by other users on the internet. EverDock is simply hands-down the superior of the two docks. The bottom of the EverDock is a super micro-suction rubber that literally adheres to *any* flat surface. The ElevationDock, however, is heavier and bulkier but does not remain put on the surface; physically “holding” onto the iPhone 5 to the very last second if you dismount it with one hand. Granted, the ElevationDock was originally designed with a frictionless 30-pin connector for the iPhone 4/4S. With Apple’s release of the 8-pin lightning connector, ElevationLab is having trouble adapting. Whichever dock you so choose, you won’t be disappointed with the amount of craftsmanship these two companies have put into their products.

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