Displio: One word….Simplicity

Posted: January 23, 2015 in General
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When it comes to the crowd sourcing websites, it’s not that easy to find a unique product anymore as it seems that every day a new USB battery charger, “Smart” suitcase or iPhone dock populates the pages.

I have to say, as tech bloggers we have been pretty disappointed with the lack of cool tech that has arrived on the market with only the odd device exciting us at the end of 2014.

Today we saw Displio….This is an e-ink display that will simply show you what you want to see….simple!

Displio Colours

Sometimes in life you have to take things back to basics. Yes, we can see this information on our phone or our computer, but you physically have to go through a number of steps to make this happen. Displio is different, as this device allows you to display information via widgets simply on the screen so that you can at a glance, see what you want to see.

The device will show things like the weather for a particular area, or your appointments for the day and can even show you details like email message counts, FitBit data, Facebook likes and messages, Twitter feeds, reminders, PayPal balances, and tracking details for shipments all taken from the internet via the WiFi connection.


The idea of this is simply brilliant. I can imagine how this would fit into my life, on my desk at work or in front of me when I wake up and brush my teeth in the morning. The brilliance of this is the simplicity, as all we want is a glance of info during the day to remind us of things that we want.


The Displio device is offered in seven different colours and in a wood casing too. It gets power from an internal battery allowing it to be placed anywhere you want and being e-ink this will have a great battery life. Users tap the device to reload it and with its inbuilt accelerometer it will adjust the screen. The screen is a 2.7-inch E Ink unit and it has a speaker for alert sounds.

The only problem with this device is its price. At $99 on Kickstarter I would not buy more than one which in reality I would need to fit into different areas of my life. Let’s hope the price comes down as I think the company may struggle to fulfill pledges on this occasion.

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