Coravin 1000 – Surgical Tech For Your Wine

Posted: June 12, 2015 in General
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TheTechSpy see a lot of gadgets and gizmos pass through our door, some make it to review, some don’t.

We were very excited when we got in contact with Coravin, as although this doesn’t have a bluetooth connection or a huge amount of gigabytes, this is still a gadget in its own right.

The wine enthusiast has been crying out for something like this. For those of you who do not drink, from the second you open a bottle of wine, it is on its way to expiring. As oxygen hits the wine, it begins to change it and even the next day the wine can taste completely different.

Coravin 1000 changes all of this! It can remove wine from the bottle without opening it, thus preserving the wine you have inside for another day….or week….or month.

Let’s start by introducing the inventor, Greg Lambrecht, an engineer at MIT who worked in the medical industry and enjoyed wine. The invention of the Coravin 1000 comes from his experience creating medical tools but he found that the regulation of this industry was extremely difficult (rightly so).


Greg had the idea after the birth of his first child. When opening a bottle he constantly found himself throwing the end of the bottle away as he could never finish it, so wanted a way to preserve the wine after it had been first poured.

On first view, you can see Greg’s medical background has had a huge effect on the design of the device. The needle scares me, but you cannot deny the high quality of the materials used and how long this will last.

The Coravin works by replacing the wine with Argon gas (used during the bottling process) allowing you to displace the liquid with gas. The cork is pierced with a needle. which on first view, you wonder how much liquid you can actually get through it, but I assure you it is sufficient.

Once you have finished pouring, you pull the needle out with the handle and the cork seals itself back up as the needle is so thin allowing no liquid or gas out of the bottle.

The Device

As I said above, we are very impressed with the materials used. It feels sturdy and looks to be built to last. The price isn’t cheap at £269, but they have given us our monies worth. This feels like it is a total professional product and I cannot see anyone having a problem with the way this handles or feels. Even when pushing or pulling the needle in/out, it is down with precision and it does not feel like the bottle or needle will slip.

Coravin Lifestyle Shot - Enjoy the wine you desire

I visited The 28-50 Wine Workshop in Maddox Street and had a chat with the manager there who has a number of these devices and they love how it works and how easy it is to use. These guys will be using it day in and day out and can’t afford to open an expensive bottle of wine and see it expire later not being able to sell the content on.


As you can see, it comes with a nice heavy stand which holds the unit in place extremely well. It is also nice to showcase the device as it sits on your bar top or dinner table. This device will invoke conversation as very few people we speak to have heard or seen it before.

The box has been well thought out and everything is held in place very nicely. Again, the premium box warrants the price so we were very happy as inside the box it arrives in another box where you can protect the Coravin 1000 from damage in a cupboard or use this to transport it with you.

in the box_final

We received two argon capsules with the kit and each capsule can be used for up to 15 150ml servings. When it comes to buying these separately, it will cost £23.95 for a 3 pack. The box also comes with a wine bottle sleeve which is recommended that you place around the bottle when displacing wine in case the bottle cracks. The view is that only bottles that are old or are cracked in some way really need the sleeve, but it is good practise to use it every time as it will catch the glass inside and a lot of the liquid if it breaks.

The Test

We went for a bottle of 2009 Amarone Della Valpolicella Classico which in our opinion was a good bottle of wine for this test. We went for red as we thought that it would certainly show any defects that had occurred after opening with the device previously.

We bought 3 bottles of the same year to test. On day one we opened one bottle using the device and everyone enjoyed half a glass of this superb wine. Some 5 months later, we opened all three bottles, blind folded each individual testing and only 2 of the 6 people noticed a difference. The two people who noticed a difference, both said that the original bottle was slightly weaker than the other two unopened bottle but only a slight difference was noticed.

On discussing, both agreed that the difference was so slight that for after 5 months it should be disregarded, as this is incredible that the wine was preserved for that long.

This is not only an incredible design, it works and it feels good to have one at home for people to see. TheTechSpy loves this device and we take our hat off to Greg for not only solving a huge issue for most wine drinkers and bars, but also designing an incredible piece of kit.

The Coravin 1000 is a definite BUY for any wine enthusiast or bar owner. We wouldn’t recommend buying it if you are a drinker of bottles that are £10 or less, as the cost of usage with the capsules etc outweighs the cost of the bottle. But if you do like to purchase higher priced wines, then £269 should not be an issue to you and we feel it is a great investment allowing you to open multiple bottles whenever you want and diving back into them whenever you see fit.

The Coravin 1000 can be bought at


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