iOS 9 News App – a sneak preview for our UK readers (and how to get it right now)

Posted: September 24, 2015 in General

During Apple’s iOS 9 announcement at WWDC, we were promised the retirement of the much-despised Newsstand, and the launch of a beautiful new app, simply named ‘News’. It’s like a news aggregator, styled like a magazine. Think Flipboard and Newsify but with the news feeds controlled by Apple. It certainly looks good – huge, high-res photos  intersperse the body of text in most articles and makes reading newspaper articles and blog posts seem distinctly magazine-like:

Example of a BGR article – copyright and credits to BGR

Adding news feeds is a simple as tapping the + symbols on a publication. Not only can you add specific magazines, newspapers and blogs, you can also just select general categories such as ‘Tech’. This will aggregate articles that may be of interest to you from sources other than your favourites:

Adding feeds

Major UK publications are available right now, leading us to believe that it won’t be long before a full UK rollout:

Example of a MailOnline article – copyright and credits to MailOnline

Example of a Telegraph article – copyright and credits to Telegraph

Now, if you’ve upgraded to iOS 9 but don’t live Stateside, you may be wondering where the hell the app is. Well, it’s not there for a reason, and the general consensus is that Apple haven’t finalised terms with publishers in the UK yet. Much like Apple Pay, deals need to done with partners in each country, and the USA comes first.

There is however, a way to get early access to News app in the UK if you’re interested and it’s very simple.

On your iOS device, go to Settings, then General. Go to Language & region, tap on Region and select United States. Confirm the change on the pop up.

Your screen will briefly go black and then come back. Once it does, restart your device fully using the power buttons and your News app icon will be waiting.

p.s. remember to switch the Region setting back to UK when you’re finished having a peek.


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