ALLDOCK USB charging station

Posted: April 23, 2016 in General

The Tech Spy have a lot of gadgets. It’s our passion and we are acutely aware of how lucky we are to test new products and review them for our readers.

As with everything though, there are downsides, most notably the absolute mess of wires we have draped across our test benches and desks.

One of the best things about modern portable electronics is that they almost always charge over USB. The now ubiquitous USB port is everywhere. There are over 3 billion USB ports shipped globally every year and it makes things nice and easy when you can always ask somebody for a spare cable or charger for your device. It doesn’t solve the problems of the mess when charging multiple devices, however.

Enter the ALLDOCK charging station:

The unit we were sent is beautifully crafted in walnut and includes a 4 port USB charger with optional Apple Watch arm:

Opening the unit up reveals the USB charger:

You supply your own cables, so I started with the Apple Watch arm. The charging disc fits snugly in the arm and the cable runs down the side channel out of sight:

I also decided to plug in two lightning cables for my iPhone and iPad, plus one micro USB cable:

Then it’s just a case of threading the cables through the slots depending on the size and preferred orientation of your devices. If orienting your device vertically (portrait), you should run the cable through the central cutout in the slot. If horizontal is your thing, it’s best to run the cable through the end cutout. I decided to put the iPad at the back – landscape, the  micro USB cable next alongside the Apple Watch arm and then another lightning cable in the next slot for my iPhone.

The end result? You decide. 

I think it ends up looking rather beautiful when everything is charging, and my desk is so much clearer! 

As a nice side effect, my Apple Watch seems to have a lot more remaining charge each day and I put that down to me charging it more often – I think I actually enjoy seeing the unit ‘fully loaded’. Geeky I know…

I would however like to see the unit cost a little less: £160+ at the time of publication is likely to deter all but the most affluent of customers. The walnut version is the most expensive however, and other finishes are available for significantly less.

The Tech Spy rating: 8/10

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