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When we think of this Danish company, we think of style, craftsmanship, beauty and most of all quality, as all of these are at the heart of Bang & Olufsen’s ethos. The passion they have is oozed out of every product they make, but this oozing comes at a price….and a hefty one at that.

The Beolab 14 is a 4 speaker surround sound system beautifully crafted from aluminium. Each speaker can be wall or ceiling mounted, or you can opt for the slender stands to proudly show off your investment. Even the subwoofer, which has been designed to look like a vase, displays style and sounds like a powerhouse with its 8″ bass driver. Along side the driver, you will find the integrated amp which reduces the amount of cables and equipment on show.

In total, this setup will pump out 840w of sound, meaning each speaker will individually pump out 140w, not shying away from the job at hand. This kit will hook up to other branded TV’s and A/V receivers which is normally quite rare with the luxury audio brands and will come in a series of colours to choose from in regards to the mesh grills.

Not only known for style, Danish B&O have worked hard to produce a great sounding setup in a small package to fit in most homes, but all of their hard work has to be paid for with 2500 of your hard-earned pounds. If you haven’t got a B&O TV to hook this up to, you will most probably want the 5 speaker setup, setting you back¬†¬£2800.

Looks like money can buy you style….

Beolab 14