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More and more we see over-ear headphones becoming a normal sight on our streets…but has style pipped substance in most of these cases.

Back in the 80’s, it was normal to see over-sized headphones being donned by the coolest kids on the block, whether it be around their neck or actually being used to listen to music, they all proudly showed off their Walkman (think iPod for the younger of you) and headphones . It seems we find history repeating itself, but are most of these about style and not about sound quality?

Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the majority of the headphones we see, but through personal experience I was sucked into buying a pair, then realising they didn’t sound as good as they looked on the rappers and footballers paid to wear them.

Now bring in B&O’s H6….retro style, class and quality rolled into one pair of headphones. With New Zealand cowhide leather which look like they have been stripped from a Ferrari Dino and anodised aluminium used in its frame, these headphones will age as gracefully as George Clooney on a daily beauty regime.

Put together by Danish industrial designer Jakob Wagner, these headphones are like nothing else out there, with the Asus-style circles etched on the aluminium cover plates and the cowhide leather not only lusciously covering the ear cups but going over your head for ultimate comfort.

These headphones are aimed at the mobile generation, sporting an in-line remote to use with your smartphone and also 3.5mm jacks on each cup so that you can daisy chain headphones together so that a friend can also listen from the same source you are.

Bang & Olufsen are known for style and quality and both of these are more than taken care of in these headphones, with them sounding absolutely impeccable and not looking out-of-place on anyone.

But hey, here is the bad news….they are £329 (gulp) but let me stress, these are up there with the greats and of course you will not see them on every person you meet like other brands we are all more familiar with.

Bang and Olufsen BeoPlay H6


Parrot have been quietly coming out with some superb products over the last few years which have a few things in common, great tech, beautiful design and the wow factor. The Zik follows closely to this model.

Parrot, who were more commonly known for their Bluetooth headsets and more recently for the iPhone controlled AR.Drone, last year released The Zik, an advanced pair of headphones which are not only crammed with serious amounts of tech, but look super cool!

These headphones, designed by Philippe Starck, are touch sensitive, allowing the user to change tracks, answer calls and adjust the volume by a flick of a finger on the outside of the ear cup. Once removed from your ears, they automatically pause the music you were listening to via your Bluetooth connected smart phone and have a dedicated Android/iOS app to control certain features. To insulate you from external noise, the headphones have active noise cancellation which eliminate up to 25dB of ambient noise using 4 separate microphones located inside the earpiece and use a jawbone sensor to aid the microphones during phone conversations.

Parrot’s Zik also comes with a rechargeable battery and can be paired via NFC (with compatible devices) and if you run out of battery, you can use the supplied line in cable to keep enjoying your music.

Nobody can deny that these are a cracking pair of headphones that the company have certainly thought about, but these headphones are not cheap at £269.99, but they look great, and offer a classier alternative to the Beats revolution which is common place on our streets of late.

Parrot Zik

Parrot Zik