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So, iOS7 comes along with its shiny new buttons and moving themes….looking all fresh, but it has had its fair share of bugs. TheTechSpy has been asked on a number of occasions to help sort one particular issue, yep you guessed it….iMessage!

After the update, the phone starts to send messages as your iCloud email address instead of your phone’s number. One of the other bugs is that iMessages struggle to send at all, and just end up sending as a text message instead.

So here is the remedy….

The whole iMessage system on the phone has become a little off beat and needs to be reset.

Now, operating under the assumption that you can’t just turn the phone number back on, then you need to do the following;

1: Go into Settings/Messages/Send/Receive. (You should see the different address’ and number that you have set up

2: Press Apple ID which shows your main Apple ID

3: You will see 4 options on-screen now, press “Sign Out” – The iPhone will begin to log you out.

4: Now click on “Use your Apple ID for iMessage”

5: Fill in your Apple ID and Password in the boxes provided and press sign in

6: Once it has signed in, you should see all your details ticked, click “Next” and it will begin to verify your account.

7: Now go back to the Messages menu and turn off iMessage and then turn it back on again.

8: Power your phone off completely (Press and hold the sleep/wake key, then swipe to power off).

9: Power your phone back on.

10: Send a new message to a friend with an iPhone to verify that the issue is now resolved and iMessage is back to its former glory.

Hey Presto! You are sorted!

iOS7 Messages


We have all been in the situation when we are just about to leave the house and we cannot find our iPhone. Hidden by the same pixies that hide your car keys, they always seem to be in the strangest of places.

Apple have had a neat feature within Find My iPhone for a few years which I am still a little surprised that people do not know about. Most have heard of the stories of Police finding stolen iPhones after they were traced through the online login but still do not know about the alert feature.

To find your phone, you need to login to and enter your Apple ID credentials. After you have logged in, you can click on the “Find My iPhone” icon to view all your iCloud devices, including your missing iPhone, on a map. All this can be done on another iOS device using the Find my iPhone app with your logon details.

Once you phone has been located, click on the small “i” in the window and you will be presented with a number of options, just click Play Sound and the phone will begin to make a loud beeping sound allowing you to locate it. Be quick as it keeps getting louder until your find it!

Find My iPhone