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Bowers & Wilkins have been the leaders in the iDevice speaker world with its amazing Zeppelin for quite some time now, the new Z2 promises to be as much of a “Stairway To Heaven” of sound as its predecessor.

The blimp-shaped Zeppelin has been well known to be the top of the crop when it comes to iPhone speakers, with its critically acclaimed sound output and unique design it truly was the speaker to own. One of the issues with the style is the size, it doesn’t fit in everybody’s space and with the likes of Bose releasing the SoundLink earlier last year, B&W have had to come out with the sleek bookshelf-sized Z2.

The Z2 not only looks good but also sounds superb! Sporting AirPlay and the latest lightning dock, it will pretty much take any of the Apple line-up. With the use of the iPad/iPhone you are able to purchase more Z2’s to put in every room of the house controlling each independently wirelessly from the palm of your hands. AirPlay on the Z2 works perfectly with, Pandora and Mixcloud on your iDevice so that you can stream music effortlessly.

The British hi-fi experts know how to make great speakers, but this comes at a price….£330 in this case which will not appeal to everyone’s wallet. The Bose SoundLink  is a lot more portable, has a rechargeable battery, will connect via Bluetooth to any device and is priced at a more comfortable £249 with impeccable sound for its size.