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It seems like a while since we reviewed a dock for the iPhone or iPad and now their are plenty on the market to choose from, so looking for that one that deserves pride of place on your bedside table has got harder.

Premium One from Enblue Technology is today’s contender and a valid one it is indeed. We have the W3 to review which is one of three in the range.

Premium One Range

As you can see, this was released to look after your Apple Watch but of course many of us have a range of Apple devices that need charging. If you are like me, your Watch and iPhone go on charge every night without fail as they wouldn’t last very long the next day without it.

The W3 is simple, but you can see it has Apple’s simplicity about it and that is something most of us find attractive. As we once said “the dock looks like it could have been made by Apple themselves” and we still think so. The dock is crafted out of aircraft grade aluminium and comes in silver, black and a bi-colour which I have to say is quite cool. Mixing aluminium and mahogany is quite a gamble, but one that has paid off in this instance.

Of course this isn’t simply a stand but a charging dock too and that is where it gets interesting. We have had a few of these kinds of docks in the past and most of them have separate cables for each device as the stand is simply supporting your cable infrastructure.

The W3 has two lightning cables in-built which exit the stand as one cable which of course looks much better than multiple leads dangling out of the back where ever you have this situated. Supplied is a smart charging adapter which accepts 4 USB’s at a maximum of 5A which is more than enough to charge all of these devices at once taking up only one plug socket on the wall.

The dock is designed to accept the new Apple Watch charger which just sits in the hoop nicely. It is made to be able to thread the cable through the dock itself keeping the minimalist style that Enblue have tried so hard to achieve here.


The first thing I noticed when I got this out of the box was the sheer quality. It has just the right amount of weight, the lightning cables do not shift when used and also the little touches of pads where your iPhone and iPad will sit so that neither the dock or device gets scratched.

I have to say after a few weeks of living with this dock, I really do like it and have now relegated my Elevation Dock elsewhere as cables are always the issue which this product eliminates for me. This would be at home sitting on your bedside table, office desk or home study. Some may find issue with its price which is 139 Euros for the W3. It sounds expensive but when you actually consider the build quality, weight, material and of course the inclusion of lightning cables it is well worth the price tag.

Looking for a dock that takes all of your devices and charges them? Look no further, this might just be the best multiple Apple dock we have ever reviewed.

TechSpy Rating: 9/10

premium one

So the new set of iPads are out and man do they not disappoint! TheTechSpy couldn’t believe when we first picked up the Air how light it was and secondly how much it felt like an iPad Mini with its new slimline bezel.

Well, now the iPads are out, we all turn to new accessories for our new tablets and where better to start than a cover to protect it!

Now of course, iPad cases and stands are literally “two a penny” but not all are worth their weight in gold. Some disappoint in the way they protect, others just the way they look, but some just simply don’t make the grade.

Well, the guys over at NewFlux Designs think they have come up with the ultimate stand/case.

The Flux + Flap uses magnets to secure it in place as the designers wanted to get round the problem of stands just not standing up properly. We have all been there, leaning our tablets up against anything we can, as the stand is just not good enough to prop up the device at the angle we want.

The design consists of a durable polycarbonate case which the iPad can be detached from at any point which has been aimed at gamers. Once attached to the case again, the product uses magnets to keep itself in position and can be held in portrait or landscape in a number of different angles simply by sliding the iPad through the cross section.

We love this case as it is so versatile and gives you the freedom to not only protect your iPad but quickly detach and remove it. The case will work with iPad 2,3,4 and the Mini and will be ready for the Air and Mini Retina at launch. Head on over to Kickstarter as the early bird pledges with go very quickly as they start at $49 and are delivering in April 2014.


The Smart Home….a dream of most Techies out there, but reserved for those with deep pockets.

Thankfully things are about to change. The technological revolution is paving the way for cheaper tech and more advanced protocols which are allowing us all to take advantage of this future. The general public is learning to code and more manufacturers are open sourcing devices to push for even more possibilities.

It won’t be long til your home will think intelligently, knowing things like when you are in, how you like your temperature and to turn off any unused devices when you are not around. Over the last few months we have seen some very exciting devices arrive on the scene like, Smartthings, Nest and Ube who are being funded through crowd sourcing routes and have picked up a great following.

One of the new kids on the block is Goji, the smart door lock which fits over your existing lock, allowing you to fit it to pretty much any door lock out there. If you are unsure if it will fit on your door, the company are happy to have a look at a photo of your lock to confirm.

The sleek futuristic looking disc surrounded in brushed metal has a blue-text LED display that will show the status of the lock and welcomes users in by name.

The lock has a built-in camera that takes a quick photo of any users and sends this to your photo to alert you when people are home. One of the most interesting features is the ability to be able to send someone else an electronic key to gain access to your house, allowing family in before you get home if you are running late. Imagine the possibilities of letting the cleaner in, or even guests to your rental property when you are not present.

The big worry for us is the security side and of course if this goes wrong and you are left stranded outside your own house. Well, Goji will supply electronic fobs and the a good old-fashioned key for when the worst happens, but the lock is programmed to message you when the unit is running out of battery prompting you to change it.

If you lose your phone, you can easily call the support line 24/7 to retract access from that user to ensure that the system is not abused.

The Goji Smart Lock will allow you to lock your house from anywhere in the world and knows if you are inside your house or if you are coming from the street. If you are coming from the street, Goji will open the door automatically, and if you are inside of your house, Goji will not unlock your door as you approach it before you know who is at the other side.

This is a welcome accessory to the smart home set up and will solve a lot of issues as we have all suffered from being locked out or losing our keys. If you wish to purchase one at the reduced price through Indiegogo you have a couple of days left to buy them at $235 here.


When we think of this Danish company, we think of style, craftsmanship, beauty and most of all quality, as all of these are at the heart of Bang & Olufsen’s ethos. The passion they have is oozed out of every product they make, but this oozing comes at a price….and a hefty one at that.

The Beolab 14 is a 4 speaker surround sound system beautifully crafted from aluminium. Each speaker can be wall or ceiling mounted, or you can opt for the slender stands to proudly show off your investment. Even the subwoofer, which has been designed to look like a vase, displays style and sounds like a powerhouse with its 8″ bass driver. Along side the driver, you will find the integrated amp which reduces the amount of cables and equipment on show.

In total, this setup will pump out 840w of sound, meaning each speaker will individually pump out 140w, not shying away from the job at hand. This kit will hook up to other branded TV’s and A/V receivers which is normally quite rare with the luxury audio brands and will come in a series of colours to choose from in regards to the mesh grills.

Not only known for style, Danish B&O have worked hard to produce a great sounding setup in a small package to fit in most homes, but all of their hard work has to be paid for with 2500 of your hard-earned pounds. If you haven’t got a B&O TV to hook this up to, you will most probably want the 5 speaker setup, setting you back £2800.

Looks like money can buy you style….

Beolab 14