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With the advancement in the smartphone industry, we are quite rapidly seeing the quality of pictures from our phones getting rather close to our point and shoots. With sharper images, high res displays and millions of pixels being packed into a device that basically is a computer, why would you want to carry anything else.

As we have seen, the demise of the SatNav market due to GPS becoming a strong feature in pretty much every phone, will we see the likes of Canon and Nikon having to collaborate with firms like HTC, Apple and Samsung as the navigation industry has had to do?

Personally, I think photography has a few more strings to its bow than this and will survive the onslaught, but they will have to change strategy to ensure profits stay alive and the industry continues to flourish.

Canon have already started to bridge this gap. Today we see the launch of the PowerShot N, which brings this company closer to the mobile industry.

The metal bodied camera is compact as you can see and features a 12.1 MP CMOS sensor, Full HD movies recording on a micro SD, 16 x zoom, 28mm lens and a 7.1 cm touch screen to see your images.

PowerShot N

The gap is bridged in a number of ways. Firstly we see the inclusion of Creative Shot, the creation of 6 images from the original shot to satisfy the Instagram generation. The camera still includes the normal scene modes to aid shooting.

PowerShot N 2

Secondly it’s all about connections. Along with USB, we have WiFi which works to connect to the internet and Via a dedicated Facebook button, publishes your photos direct to your profile. Obviously this relies on the fact that you can get a connection as no 3G/4G chips are included. You can tag your shots automatically via its GPS feature to track where you are taking your photos around the world.

To make this more familiar to the mobile generation, Canon have thrown in the whole zoom and shoot feature which most people are used to and of course the “any way up” feature which allows you to operate the camera at any angle. Angles of photos are taken care of as the display is a tilt-up screen which I have to say works very well when taking some photos.

This is a very nice camera and is aimed at a particular group of people, but I think more importantly we see here how the industry is having to adapt to an ever changing future to survive. But the problem is, at £270 I don’t think this group will carry this along with their phone…..sorry Canon, back to the drawing board.

PowerShot-N 3






So, it has been a while since the 60D was announced, nearly 3 years to be exact, which is a long time for an upgrade in an industry that releases more derivatives of DSLR’s than BMW do with the Mini brand.

Like the 60D, this camera is aimed at the enthusiast looking to take photography that little bit more seriously. The camera pretty much looks the same, keeping the camera looking very traditional which most photographers like. The camera has been upgraded to a 20.2mp APS-C sensor from the 60D’s 18mp and will work with “most” EF lenses (officially Cannon have stated 103 of the 156 out there).

One of my favourite upgrades to this camera is the presence of a touch-sensitive display which with owning the 60D I missed, but do not worry, all the dials and buttons are still present. Canon have allowed features like touch focus to take full use of the new display and bring the camera bang-up to date. In video mode, a new sensor based auto focus is used to make focusing faster.

The 70D has taken a leaf out of the impeccable 7D’s book by including 19 cross-type AF points which steps up this camera to the next level. Along with this, Canon has included WiFi connectivity. This enables you to transfer images between cameras, computer or to a smartphone/tablet wirelessly. You can also use this to control the camera using the iOS app downloadable on the app store.

Images are processed by the DIGIC 5 engine like the 5D mk3, which allows shooting of 7fps for up to 65 frames in JPEG meaning fast paced photography will be a breeze.

This camera represents a reputable upgrade from the 60D and for the first time we have a real reason to go for it as this in my opinion will be come a class leader in its group. The camera is set to be launched at the end of August and will be priced at £1079/$1199 body only.

Canon 70D