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We have all been in the situation when we are just about to leave the house and we cannot find our iPhone. Hidden by the same pixies that hide your car keys, they always seem to be in the strangest of places.

Apple have had a neat feature within Find My iPhone for a few years which I am still a little surprised that people do not know about. Most have heard of the stories of Police finding stolen iPhones after they were traced through the online login but still do not know about the alert feature.

To find your phone, you need to login to and enter your Apple ID credentials. After you have logged in, you can click on the “Find My iPhone” icon to view all your iCloud devices, including your missing iPhone, on a map. All this can be done on another iOS device using the Find my iPhone app with your logon details.

Once you phone has been located, click on the small “i” in the window and you will be presented with a number of options, just click Play Sound and the phone will begin to make a loud beeping sound allowing you to locate it. Be quick as it keeps getting louder until your find it!

Find My iPhone



Sapphire Screen

Krystal Screen

We have all tried at some stage in our lives to apply a screen protector to our smartphones delicate face preserving its pristine display for another day. Some of us have even managed to do it successfully….but the rest of us still have the air bubbles and mis-alignment to show for it!

The boys over at XGear are promising to launch a screen protector for you iPhone different to all the rest! “Crafted using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, this one-of-a-kind screen protector keeps your device’s screen safe and untouched by scratches. XGear is proud to be the first company in the world to release a GENUINE Sapphire product to the public! Be one of the very first to receive this newest technology!”

If the demo video on Kickstarter is to be believed, the screen withstands pretty much everything, as they show even the iPhone’s display taking an impact from a hammer a number of times. Scientifically, sapphire can only be scratched by diamond, so the chances of actually marking this product is slim. Although this is meant to be one of the most protective screens on the market, it still seems to keep the high sensitivity we have all grown to love from the iPhone screen.

The screen is being Kickstarted for a hefty $60 with a $10 international shipping charge, and promises to be delivered in May 2013.

Krystal Screen Protector


Apple have filed a patent for quick access to certain apps directly from the iPhone’s lock screen.

Apple have said that the patent application outlines a system of rotating the “slide to unlock” slider on the iOS lock screen upwards, providing access to apps directly, without having to unlock the phone itself.

The patent does mention a touch sensitive home button on the slider which after a certain gesture would let you get access to certain apps.

Apple file a lot of patents, not all of them actually get used in final products, but this is the one that we think really needs to be implemented as the functionality in the lock screen is very limited compared to its competitiors.

Slide to unlock

A spring/summer launch for the next iPhone is looking more and more likely as yet another report has been released indicating production of the 5S is about to start.

WSJ reported the 5S as being of similar size and shape as the iPhone 5 just with upgraded hardware, which follows closely with all other iPhone releases. Expect to see a faster processor, more RAM and a better camera, but nothing else really to excite us.

Recent patent filings have indicated a cheaper iPhone being launched with a ceramic based shell to compete with the lower end of the market, still retaining its 4-inch retina display. This makes sense as they have been throwing this idea around for a long time and will look to displace the likes of Sony, Samsung and Blackberry from the hands of the younger end of the market.

All reports are indicating a summer announcement with release weeks after.


One of the risks of having such great tech is the fact it is even easier now for criminals to target you to make easy money.

We are all guilty of walking down the road, openly looking at our smart phone without a care in the world, this could not be a better sight for any thief. Imagine walking down this same road, but holding £300 in cash, would you do this? It’s basically the same, and unfortunately this is the way that thieves view you and your phone. The good news is that you can protect yourself with certain tweaks which a lot of iPhone owners do not know about.

Firstly, make sure you have Apple’s very own “Find iPhone” app which can be downloaded from the app store, as this will allow you to track your iPhone if it has been lost or stolen. With this app you can remote wipe the phone to at least give you some peace of mind. This can be accessed via the internet on any web browser through

Now, criminals have got tech savvy and have realised that merely deleting the “Find iPhone” app and switching off location services disables the tracking feature which police can use to track the phone down, so here is how to stop them doing this;

  1. Click on Settings
  2. Hit General
  3. Select Restrictions – at the point you will be asked to setup a pass code, do this!
  4. Click “Enable Restrictions”
  5. Scroll down and look for Deleting Apps and toggle the switch to “Off” – This stops people deleting “Find iPhone” which aids in locating the phone after its been stolen.
  6. Scroll down to the section labelled Privacy
  7. Click on Location Services and then click “Don’t Allow Changes” – This stops location services from being disabled without your pass code.
  8. Lastly, scroll down to the Allow Changes section and click on Accounts, then hit “Don’t Allow Changes” – This will stop anyone disabling your iCloud account and will allow the phone to be tracked as long as a Sim card is in the phone.

This makes it impossible for your phone to be disabled, so if you do encounter the worst and your iPhone is stolen, call the police and hand over your iCloud account details and let them track your phone.