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The boys over at Twelve South know how to do Apple accessories and this is no exception. These guys run on one simple view “We’re not just Mac friendly – we’re Mac only” which shows in every one of their products as they sell only perfection in a box.

One of the firm’s most popular products comes in the form of the HiRise for the MacBook which beautiful presents your device like Mr Jobs himself would have wanted and still comfortably displaying it so that it can be used easily. So it was an easy decision for the team to design a product for the iOS range….and we think the boys done good!

From the moment you open the box, you are greeted with a “Thankyou” from the makers which we think is a nice touch. The stand will need putting together, but it is very easy and you can find a setup guide on the website.

This stand will fit an iPhone 5 with quite a few cases and an iPad Mini. They include three plastic clips that are used to hold the Lightning connector away from the base. For situations where you aren’t using a case with your iPhone or iPad mini, you can use the “0” clip. For a case which needs a little more room then you can use one of the other clips.

The HiRise is beautifully machined out of aluminum giving it a real Apple feel to it. The base unit will happily hold the extra weight of an iPad Mini and it consist of a  back rest to hold it up.

All in all this is a cool device which I can see on most bedside tables and office desks alike. It is not the cheapest at £34.99, especially as you still have to purchase another Lightning cable, but you do pay for quality….and quality is what this is. We especially like the allen key secretly held in the base so that you can change the clips when you buy new covers during the life of your iPhone…very cool.

This stand looks like something that Apple would not only stock in its prestigious shops, but would also make themselves if they were in that business. It’s out on 2nd September, treat yourself….your iPhone deserves.