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Nowadays our lives are dominated by screens. Whether it be your PC, Laptop, tablet or smartphone, we are all focused at some point in our day on them.

Although this seems like a bad thing, one thing is for sure, environmentally this is great, as paper is slowly becoming less of a part of our lives.

I am not sure if this is the same for you, but this does mean with all that finger poking at screens and mouse clicking, I almost feel like I have forgotten to hold a pen, as when I go to write a note it feels like I haven’t held one in years which I have to say I do miss.

But of course with most things recently, somebody comes along to bridge that gap and today we focus on OTM Technologies who have started crowdfunding Phree, the digital input device.


This is the “write anywhere” device which lets draw, write, annotate on pretty much any surface. It will connect to all of your devices over a Bluetooth connection and is compatible with apps like Office, Evernote, OneNote, Acrobat, Google Handwriting Keyboard, Viber and more. So you can sketch or jot down ideas, thoughts or even take down details instantly.


Personally, I can really see this being used in meetings, quickly jotting down notes and minutes to view digitally at a later date, but I have to say I do like the idea of being able to just pull this out and start writing anywhere.

One thing that really surprised us was the fact that not only is it an awesome digital input device, but it will also function to take calls as a headset and to briefly see texts and write to reply back to them… that is cool!


The carry case will charge Phree on the go. The cap attaches magnetically to the body of the case to form an adjustable stand for any smartphone. Just place your phone in the stand, begin writing or drawing off-screen with Phree – you have an instant mobile workstation that actually works. Phree can be ordered with or without a case.

The dimensions are as follows L x 142mm, W X 18mm and a Weight of 30 gr with a touch swipe display on board the pen. Phree at the moment comes in 4 colours, but the designers will run a survey to properly deduce what colours people want.

We love this and have not seen anything like it. It is is fully funded on Kickstarter and you can currently nab yourself one for $189 with a case.


The iPhone 5S and 5C are out today for general consumption….what do we think? So we have all had time now to have a play around with iOS7 and maybe even some of you are used to the new Window-esque colour scheme and font.

The Tech Spy has been testing this for just over a month now and we have to say that it is not bad at all. OK, some things are a little hard to get used to (Swiping left to delete in mail) but this is due to the fact the old style had almost become second nature to us and this is what Apple do best….making products an extension of ourselves.

One of the first things we thought about after using it and have had several people comment on the same situation, is will Apple allow a back to “Classic View” button which will take the iOS7 haters back to the old themes. Although we think this is not a bad idea, this really isn’t Apple’s style and feel they will not introduce this.

Leaving this aside, one of the features which really hasn’t received that much press and really must be annoying the carriers is the new FaceTime Audio feature. Think FaceTime, but without the Face!

Basically, this works as a VOIP service and goes over Apple’s servers and feels just like a normal call. You will need to be calling from an Apple device with iOS7 and the person receiving the call must also have it loaded. Over WiFi the sound is brilliant and much better than a normal phone call….oh and best of all….it’s free! So we are talking Skype-type calling from your iPhone to anyone else in the world with an iPhone/iPad for free.

When you go into the contact (shown in image below) you are wanting to call, under FaceTime you will see a little phone icon which shows that contact has loaded the new iOS and is able to accept this type of call.

Give it a try, we think this is a great feature which has gone a little under the radar….Let us know what you think.



So TheTechSpy has been busy this weekend playing with his iPhone and like all Gadgeteers out there, couldn’t wait for a glimpse of iOS 7 on a device.

Now let’s get the boring stuff out the way, we were testing the beta software for reviewing purposes only and in no way condemn you putting this beta software on your iOS device before its official launch unless you are a developer. TheTechSpy does not recommend any of the software used or take any responsibility for them, these are just the ones we used.

It is quite a simple process, so here is what we did;

1: Backed up our iPhone to iTunes

2: In the mean time we downloaded the beta software for our iPhone 5 CDMA A1429 from here

3: And then downloaded a DMG extractor

4: Use the free DMG extractor to open the downloaded file and extract the DMG/IPSW and put this in a location that you know (it will be the biggest file in the folder)

5: Once complete, we clicked on our device name on the left pane of iTunes.

6: Clicked the Summary tab

7: With our finger on the Shift key, click the “Restore” button and point the browser to the file you have just downloaded.

8: iTunes then began to restore the iPhone with the iOS7 beta software.

We are very pleased with the firmware version and are looking forward to the official launch in September to get our teeth really into this software.







We have all been there, smart phone running out of power while out and about, frantically trying to conserve power by turning off WiFi, 3g and dimming the screen (iPhone users), but worry not, help is at hand!

Over at Kickstarter, a project by a company called Limeade has been doing very well and is already well over pledged which pretty much guarantees this going ahead. The product is an Ultra-high capacity portable battery which comes in three models (13,000,15,600 & 18,000mAh). All have dual USB ports to simultaneously charge two devices, indicator LED’s to show the level of charge left, auto on and auto off which will preserve the charge of the battery and an added lovely flashlight.

This is not the first portable external battery on the market, as recently Kickstarter has seen a number of products do very well in this sector. The most recent was from a husband and wife team who brought the Expedition to market which is very close to delivery. The unique thing about the Limeade Blast is firstly the fact it comes in an 18,000mAh model, which is a serious sized retail battery. Along with that, it has 2 x 2A outputs which will charge most devices very quickly including a tablet and smart phone at the same time using your own USB cables or the 2in1 cable supplied.

The company claim that the 18,000mAh model will fully power up an iPhone 5 twelve times before needing a recharge and the battery pack will last up to a year retaining charge. It can be charged via any USB cable and this particular model weighs in at a light 13 ounces which won’t weigh any bag down.

The company have promised to start delivering this product in June 2013 with a starting price of $49 for the 13,000mAh model. The top 18,000mAh model which takes over 11 hours to fully charge comes at a price of $89 on an early bird deal with a hefty $25 shipping charge to the UK.







As if your weekend couldn’t get any better, RIM announced a release date for the “businessman’s phone” Q10 and we see confirmation of prices in the UK.

Blackberry announced today on its official blog that customers can now pre-order from Carphone Warehouse and Phones4u across O2, Orange, T-Mobile, Three, EE, Vodafone and TalkMobile and will be available from the end of April.

Carphone Warehouse prices the handset at £579.95 SIM-free or alternatively free if you are happy to stump up £36 a month. The company is also throwing in a bluetooth speaker worth £79.95 to tempt you into going for this deal.

Phones4u offer the smartphone for £549.95 SIM-free along with a 64GB BlackBerry PlayBook tablet worth £120 (and falling) to the first 300 customers who pre-order.

It seems Blackberry will do anything to shift these phones in a last ditch attempt two even get near the competition. The handset will be going up against smartphones such as the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3, with rumours of an incoming iPhone in the summer.



A spring/summer launch for the next iPhone is looking more and more likely as yet another report has been released indicating production of the 5S is about to start.

WSJ reported the 5S as being of similar size and shape as the iPhone 5 just with upgraded hardware, which follows closely with all other iPhone releases. Expect to see a faster processor, more RAM and a better camera, but nothing else really to excite us.

Recent patent filings have indicated a cheaper iPhone being launched with a ceramic based shell to compete with the lower end of the market, still retaining its 4-inch retina display. This makes sense as they have been throwing this idea around for a long time and will look to displace the likes of Sony, Samsung and Blackberry from the hands of the younger end of the market.

All reports are indicating a summer announcement with release weeks after.