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Think how much you’d lose if your Mac was stolen? Photos, work, contacts, memories – the list is endless.” is the statement made by the creators of Hidden, a seriously cool Mac protection app.

We all hate the idea of our MacBooks being stolen, shelling out lots of cash for the portal to our digital lives, just for some idiot to take it away from us.

Hidden is a clever little app that does exactly that, stays hidden in the background, updates itself and sits ready for when it is activated. Once turned on, access can be gained from the web and you can now track your MacBook and see exactly what the thief is doing with your system.

The app will also take pictures of the thief and upload them to your account, so not only can you give the authorities the location of your device, but now also the identity of the person.

Hidden starts at $15 per year for 1 device and includes theft recovery assistance, automatic updates and instant tracking. After the recent well publicised recovery of some MacBooks with this type of app (one even turning up in Iran) we think this is a small price to pay.