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Sorry about the title, but it just had to be done. When I first saw this technology a while back, it reminded me of the film Minority Report, in which Tom Cruise navigates a screen using his hands….amazing! It is interesting how much technology is born from films.

Back in March TheTechSpy looked at MYO, the gesture controlled armband which debuted on Kickstarter. Leap Motion have gone a step further, this device connects to your PC/Mac and senses your hand movements to translate this onto the screen without the need to wear anything.

The unit is 3″ long and fits in with most design conscious desktops with its sleek look. Imagine scrolling the web with a wave of your hand, or zooming in on Google maps with a pinch of your fingers. The device even allows you to hold a pencil and draw on-screen while just holding the pencil mid-air or even strum an air guitar with the sounds being outputted from your computer speakers.

The possibilities of this are superb and now you can truly manipulate a 3D object on your screen using your hands which will be great for designers. It is products like these that really show us how far technology is pushing the boundaries.

Shipping starts at the end of July and the Leap Motion controller can be pre-ordered here for $79.99. For delivery to the UK, expect to pay nearer the $107 mark as they are taking care of taxes and duties in that price.


When The Tech Spy first saw Minority Report back in 2002 he dreamt of controlling screens from a wave of a hand and manipulating windows with a flick of a finger, MYO has made this a reality in 2013.

The crowd funding project which starts at $149 on lets you use the electrical activity in your muscles to wirelessly control your computer, phone, and other favourite digital devices.

The “one size fits all” armband is worn by the user and uses lower-power Bluetooth 4.0 to connect. it has a load of sensors on board to help it detect electrical activity in arm and hand muscles to detect movements and would be ideal for in-depth interaction for all you gamers out there who want to unleash their inner Jedi as stated by the creators.

The unit attracted over 10,000 pledges in its first 2 days and the creators have promised to give access to the API for developers to work their magic.