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Over the weekend I was lucky enough to get to play around with a very neat Nikon Coolpix camera which really is waging war on your smart phone for the real estate in your pocket.

The Coolpix S01 is an ultra compact, ultra light, 10.1mp camera which is no bigger than the credit card in your wallet. It’s just under an inch thick, but could easily sit in your pocket, keys or handbag with no issues at all as it weighs 96g!

As soon as you put your fingers on the camera, you immediately come in contact with the coated stainless steel body which will shield it from scratches and makes it feel expensive. It has a 2.5″ touch screen display which I would say is one of the down sides of the camera, as it is a little bit on the small side. Quite strangely, this camera includes no removable storage or battery so it has 7gb of internal storage to make up for it.

You can expect the usual filter effects which we have all come to desire from cameras and smartphones nowadays, which include miniature, fish eye and toy camera effects. The camera does include 720p video recording, which I have to say I wasn’t bowled over by.

This camera, from what I can see is aimed at being in your bag/handbag or pocket for those quick split second shots that we all miss, but I can’t see someone spending £100 on this when you can get nearly the same quality shots from your Android or Apple device. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a cool little camera that maybe people could take out with them when on a night out as its flash is far superior to any smart phone out there, but in any other situation I can only see our smartphones being more favourable as it wins with 3g and WiFi connectivity.

Cute little camera for a real niche market.