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So the new set of iPads are out and man do they not disappoint! TheTechSpy couldn’t believe when we first picked up the Air how light it was and secondly how much it felt like an iPad Mini with its new slimline bezel.

Well, now the iPads are out, we all turn to new accessories for our new tablets and where better to start than a cover to protect it!

Now of course, iPad cases and stands are literally “two a penny” but not all are worth their weight in gold. Some disappoint in the way they protect, others just the way they look, but some just simply don’t make the grade.

Well, the guys over at NewFlux Designs think they have come up with the ultimate stand/case.

The Flux + Flap uses magnets to secure it in place as the designers wanted to get round the problem of stands just not standing up properly. We have all been there, leaning our tablets up against anything we can, as the stand is just not good enough to prop up the device at the angle we want.

The design consists of a durable polycarbonate case which the iPad can be detached from at any point which has been aimed at gamers. Once attached to the case again, the product uses magnets to keep itself in position and can be held in portrait or landscape in a number of different angles simply by sliding the iPad through the cross section.

We love this case as it is so versatile and gives you the freedom to not only protect your iPad but quickly detach and remove it. The case will work with iPad 2,3,4 and the Mini and will be ready for the Air and Mini Retina at launch. Head on over to Kickstarter as the early bird pledges with go very quickly as they start at $49 and are delivering in April 2014.


Computex 2013 has already seen some great products announced, but today Asus took centre stage to tantalise us with some serious gadge!

Today we see the birth of the Transformer Book Trio, which is based on the old Transformer but with some serious upgrades. Firstly, this is a laptop with a removable screen which becomes a tablet. You can now dock the screen  into a desktop station to turn it into a full-blown desktop machine.

One of the coolest things about this laptop is it can run Windows 8 or Android Jelly Bean with the touch of a button. It has an 11.6″ screen capable of 1080p and has 2 processors to help power the dual operating systems. Firstly, Windows 8 has a dedicated Core i7-4500U processor and then Android Jelly Bean is more than handled with a 2GHz Intel Atom Z2580 chip.

This is a complex machine, so in terms of storage, you get a 1TB HDD inside the keyboard station dock, and 64GB of flash storage inside the tablet itself. Asus have really tried to cover all bases with one device, so we can really see this taking off. Microsoft are also rumoured to be talking about subsidising licensing costs to help boost the sales of Windows 8 tablets so you may even see this being cheaper than it normally would have been.

We have no confirmation on pricing but it is expected to be released sometime in Q3.