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It still amazes me that with all the tech stuffed inside our phones and all these expensive materials used to build them, they still break so easily.

We all know someone who is walking around with a cracked iPhone screen trying to find the cheapest way to get it fixed. I once saw an iPhone 5 fall off of a colleague’s desk straight onto the carpeted office floor. It dropped no more than 80cm to the floor and the result….a completely cracked screen.

So when this particular case was brought to our attention, we had to have a little look.


The Quadlock case is called this due to its locking mechanism which attaches the specially designed case that you put onto your phone, directly to the mount. This in turn can then be attached to different hosts and one thing is for sure, once locked in place (which is very easy) the phone is very securely attached indeed.


The first thing I thought about when I opened the packaging was how I was going to live with having the case that Quadlock supply constantly on my iPhone 6 as it would just be annoying replacing it every time I went out for a run or cycle. I started to instantly dismiss the idea of ever owning a kit like this.

But after two weeks of having the case on my iPhone, I really like the feel of it. It has beefed the phone up in the right way and I actually find myself holding the phone more because of it. Even as a standalone case this would protect your iPhone, but I do wonder whether dust and dirt will eventually collect inside the lock section. But in two weeks of use this hasn’t happened and on further inspection it would be quite easy to clean.

I have had no issues docking the phone on my nightstand with the case on, as it is unobstructive and really doesn’t increase the size of the iPhone that much at all.

As you can see from the front it looks like a normal case which even has a small lip to ensure that if you place the phone down on its screen, it won’t actually touch the surface protecting the screen from scratches.
Quadlock make an attachment for cycling, running, driving and of course even selfie taking. I have got the cycling attachment which fits onto the middle of the handle bars by two very strong bands. The company supply two sizes of band to cater for most bikes. The size I have gone for was quite tough to put on but I would say this is a good thing as the attachment is now sat firmly in place and that baby is going nowhere.



You secure the phone into place by pulling the little blue sleeve down (shown in the picture) which is on a spring so immediately snaps back into place. The Quadlock easily slots in and holds the phone firmly. This is very well designed and I would be perfectly happy cycling with this in front of me with no worries of it ever coming off or even sliding with any turbulence you may encounter on your ride.


Along with the case and lock mechanism, the company even supply a nice rubberised clear case which can be attached to the whole setup to protect the iPhone even further while cycling. I suppose if you were out cycling and it was raining this would aid protection from the elements, but I will admit I have not tested it with rain so cannot confirm.


The Quadlock can be purchased for all iPhones from 4 to 6 Plus and the Galaxy S4/5, so it would be ideal if you were using the phone for directions and its GPS capabilities.

I do like the idea of being able to use this on a run and even to hold my phone in my car rather than the traditional annoying phone holders due to its ease, rigidity and solid feel, but you will have to get used to your hand going behind the device to unlock it out of place where the gap is quite tight.

All in all we love this product, not only is it a nice case within its own right, but it also serves the purpose it was built for allowing you to travel with your smartphone safely in play.

It’s the right price for a solid product, well done Quad Lock

TheTechSpy Rating – 8/10

It seems like not a day passes where another Apple compatible product is released, as companies scramble to profit from the design savvy consumer Apple  produces for.

Logitech are pretty much ahead in this arena, but I have to admit they are on fire at the moment with some of the products they are releasing and seem to have their finger on the pulse.

Bring on the Logitech Z600. The sleek, Apple-esque, wireless stereo speakers for your desktop. These cool units house three drivers each and can hook up to smartphones, tablets or laptops over a Bluetooth connection. Logitech have kindly included a Bluetooth dongle for those who do not have this built-in to the electronic device they are using.

The speakers allow for 3 simultaneous connections to your devices and can easily switch between them when the command is sent. Volume is controlled via the right speaker with a touch panel at the top which allows you to glide your finger iPod style and a 3.5mm jack is housed at the rear for those devices without the ability to connect wirelessly. Along the back of the right speaker, you can also find the power and pairing button which are hidden nicely.

These speakers will not look out-of-place and are at the right size to sit on your desktop and look pretty cool. You may want to think of these as a cheap alternative to a multiroom system as they are cheap enough to buy and place in every room and then just stream music from your smart phone and confidently fill most rooms with good sound.

Released in August with a RRP of £129.99 in the UK.



Over the weekend I was lucky enough to get to play around with a very neat Nikon Coolpix camera which really is waging war on your smart phone for the real estate in your pocket.

The Coolpix S01 is an ultra compact, ultra light, 10.1mp camera which is no bigger than the credit card in your wallet. It’s just under an inch thick, but could easily sit in your pocket, keys or handbag with no issues at all as it weighs 96g!

As soon as you put your fingers on the camera, you immediately come in contact with the coated stainless steel body which will shield it from scratches and makes it feel expensive. It has a 2.5″ touch screen display which I would say is one of the down sides of the camera, as it is a little bit on the small side. Quite strangely, this camera includes no removable storage or battery so it has 7gb of internal storage to make up for it.

You can expect the usual filter effects which we have all come to desire from cameras and smartphones nowadays, which include miniature, fish eye and toy camera effects. The camera does include 720p video recording, which I have to say I wasn’t bowled over by.

This camera, from what I can see is aimed at being in your bag/handbag or pocket for those quick split second shots that we all miss, but I can’t see someone spending £100 on this when you can get nearly the same quality shots from your Android or Apple device. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a cool little camera that maybe people could take out with them when on a night out as its flash is far superior to any smart phone out there, but in any other situation I can only see our smartphones being more favourable as it wins with 3g and WiFi connectivity.

Cute little camera for a real niche market.





Apple have filed a patent for quick access to certain apps directly from the iPhone’s lock screen.

Apple have said that the patent application outlines a system of rotating the “slide to unlock” slider on the iOS lock screen upwards, providing access to apps directly, without having to unlock the phone itself.

The patent does mention a touch sensitive home button on the slider which after a certain gesture would let you get access to certain apps.

Apple file a lot of patents, not all of them actually get used in final products, but this is the one that we think really needs to be implemented as the functionality in the lock screen is very limited compared to its competitiors.

Slide to unlock