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A spring/summer launch for the next iPhone is looking more and more likely as yet another report has been released indicating production of the 5S is about to start.

WSJ reported the 5S as being of similar size and shape as the iPhone 5 just with upgraded hardware, which follows closely with all other iPhone releases. Expect to see a faster processor, more RAM and a better camera, but nothing else really to excite us.

Recent patent filings have indicated a cheaper iPhone being launched with a ceramic based shell to compete with the lower end of the market, still retaining its 4-inch retina display. This makes sense as they have been throwing this idea around for a long time and will look to displace the likes of Sony, Samsung and Blackberry from the hands of the younger end of the market.

All reports are indicating a summer announcement with release weeks after.


Apple rarely suffers from embarrassment, but a few months ago after much anticipation, the tech giant released its version of maps and took the war to Google and failed miserably.

After Apple released the mapping service and removed Google Maps from the stock apps list, bad reviews and complaints followed as the service just wasn’t up to scratch. The final straw was when Australian police officially declared the maps as “Life Threatening”, prompting Apple to allow Google Maps back into the app store for download.

Over the weekend, WSJ reported that Apple acquired WifiSLAM, a company started by ex-Google employees and uses WI-FI spots to pinpoint your location from inside a building. Sounds silly, but imagine going to a large shopping centre and being able to use the mapping service to find your way to certain shops or finding your way around big airports or stations with 2.5m accuracy.

Interestingly WifiSLAM not only offer indoor navigation, but they also specialise in proximity-based social networking which could mean that when you are walking around the same shopping centre, you may get notifications of offers at shops, cafes and restaurants as you walk.

This is a sure signal that Apple are pushing to bring the maps back, maybe in time for the rumoured iPhone 5S launch in the summer.

Apple Maps

Apple Maps

The Galaxy S4 is due to be announced tonight as the flagship smartphone in the Samsung armoury.

This model has always been the thorn in Apple’s side, but with Blackberry releasing the “Z10” (receiving a record 1 million handset order), Sony releasing the awesome “Xperia Z” and HTC releasing the “One” will this smartphone impress once more?

In a well timed WSJ interview with Apple’s Phil Schiller, the exec talks about how Android still needs to catch up with Apple in the user experience, stating “When you take an Android device out of the box, you have to sign up to nine accounts with different vendors to get the experience iOS comes with….They don’t work seamlessly together”.

The Galaxy S4 is rumoured to have the following spec;

1.8GHz 8-Core CPU
2600mAh Battery
2GB Ram
4.9 Inch Full HD 1080p Display
MicroSD Slot
Smart Eye Tracking

Of course we have had the normal slideshow of Chinese leak pics, but the phone will be officially unveiled in New York tonight at midnight.

Galaxy S4